Wrapping up summer vacation, Chicago, a good shakeout run

I'm currently in a bit of a whirlwind mode, wrapping up the last parts of summer vacation! I knew last week and this week were going to be a bit hectic and I would need to let my current marathon training schedule go a little to the wayside. Sometimes life gets in the way and you just have to accept it. I was mentally prepared to allow these two weeks as freedom from following the schedule perfectly, so I'm ok with it. Travels, an important family wedding, and a few other items are on the calendar that are currently taking precedence. Coincidentally, Amanda aka Miss Zippy, has a post up today discussing the importance of allowing oneself to let the training schedule slide now and then. I definitely agree!

Chicago weekend trip

My daughter and I did a whirlwind Chicago trip this past weekend with one of my close girlfriends and her daughter. I always love going to Chicago! I used my Overland "Donner" bag on this trip as a travel crossbody. It's one of my favorite travel bags and has two side pockets for water bottles, perfect for me and my daughter. You know how we runners need our hydration ...

Weekend in Chicago

... and of course we hit up American Girl to blow a fortune.

American Girl Chicago

Post-Chicago shakeout run

I'm still dealing with shuffling summer time child care and my runs, but was able to get Grandpa to swing by after Chicago so I could get an 8 mile run in. We walked so much in Chicago and my legs were actually pretty tired, but the run felt good!

A nice 8 mile shakeout run

I'm a bit tight on time and have a million tasks to accomplish this week involving the wedding and am in a frenzy-mode now. I'm not sure when I can get my next run in, but I will try. By next week, I should be able to start getting back to my normal routine. It's amazing how much you miss your normal boring old schedule when you aren't on it for a while!

Happy running everyone!



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  1. And you know I say "good for you" for letting life get in the way--as it should now and then. I love Chicago and really want to take my kids one of these days--so much for them to do there!

    1. They would enjoy themselves ... the museums are great and the park entertains for hours :) I actually like the Science & Industry Museum the best!

  2. Vacations are fun, but it's nice to be home, too! I think I have the same doggy door mat!

  3. We keep talking about taking a little trip to Chicago - I want to go in the fall when hopefully it won't be super hot but also not cold!
    Glad you are making life the priority right now!