Running updates, an organized runner, the Fossil Sasha bag

Oh my, it has been a week since I posted. This summer is just flying by and I am finding myself so busy. And we still haven't done our two mini-vacations yet! I had mentioned a while back that I was working on home organization (re-organization) and more painting projects (kitchen island). They are honestly consuming quite a bit of time. Between kiddo out of school, spending more time in the nice outdoor weather, and my organizational projects, I am not online as much. I'm sure many of us SAHM runners are in the same zone. Fortunately, my running has been going well and I have been able to keep to my marathon schedule this summer.

Running updates

I thought I needed to update my readers again on how my running has been going since I changed my method. It's currently going so well! I've posted about this before and I am truly amazed at the difference in my running. My runs are all better, stronger, and more productive. I make almost every run count. Adding extra rest days into my running weeks has made such a huge and noticeable difference - for me - and I think I will always set up my running weeks in this format. With a kiddo out of school, the less run days per week fits that method and I've had a stress-free running schedule all summer since I don't have to find as many child care options. Of course, I could run on the treadmill, but I just don't want to. Long story short, I am back in love with running and enjoy every run!

Still wearing my race hats :)

Long run days and feeling good

A typical run week has lately looked like this:

Week day runs: 5 miles = mile 1 warmup, miles 2-3 steady to tempo, miles 4-5 marathon pace
Longer runs: 8 +/-  miles = mile 1 warmup, miles 2-7+ marathon pace

Before, I would have run more 3 mile runs on week days and needing more of those run days to make up the mileage. Now, I get more miles done in one day, yet still meet the correct weekly mileage goals on my plan, and I have extra rest days. My body is responding so well to the rest. Never underestimate the power of rest and recovery!

An organized runner

I always see joke memes and such on social media related to how we runners have a messy household because all our time is spent running. It is very true! My house isn't actually messy, but for the past several years where I have been becoming a dedicated runner for life, many household projects and organizational needs have been neglected. I think this is fairly common for most of us; we just run out of time to get household tasks done as well.

To be honest, I have a structured and need-for-routine personality. When I was younger, a few classmates would poke fun at my "OCD", as one often liked to call those of us who lean more on the organized personality spectrum. During my elementary years, I loved having my school folders and notebooks tidy and organized, pens just so, etc. My bedroom was never too messy or in disarray. That extended into college years and I had a hard time if I had a roommate who was a complete slob (and oddly enough, those were often my roommates!). I used to think there was something wrong with me since folks like me are often called "OCD" and "anal retentive" (the other lingo of the time). Seriously, I was just made to feel that something was wrong with liking to be organized.

As I got older and began working in the technology career field, I learned that in fact, no, nothing is wrong at all with being organized. In fact, it is highly important once one becomes an adult and enters into the world of work! I'm also pleased to see that the world of organizational products and ideas has really flourished! From Martha Stewart really spearheading a lot of the movement in the United States, to the Europeans giving the world IKEA, and one of my local favorites, the Container Store and Staples, just to name a few, organization has really taken off in a good way.

I've also discovered several organizational Youtube vloggers that have been helping me come up with new ideas. In particular, Alejandra of Home Organization with Alejandra.tv is great with updated organizational concepts and fresh ideas!

Since I've been neglecting areas of my house with running consuming most of my spare time, I'm now trying to get back into my organizational projects and many of my to-do lists. I'm also realizing these aren't going to be overnight projects, but rather months of work. I need to compartmentalize and take it all one room/project at a time. Here is an example of what is on my to-do list:

  • Master closet remodel to utilize space better and contain sweater/cardigan storage better
  • Kitchen island build and kitchen cabinet refresh/reorganize
  • Create my craft/home office space back upstairs rather than keep downstairs in main living area
  • Reorganize formal living/dining space and change furniture layout

The Fossil Sasha bag

I had a birthday not too long ago (after age 40 they aren't exciting to mention) and I knew I wanted to either treat myself to some new jewelry or a new purse. When it comes to style, I will spend decent money on a good purse, a good shoe (and obviously good running shoes!), and good jewelry. Shirts and bottoms, usually from Target or so :)  I hemmed and hawed a bit on a purse decision and stumbled upon the Fossil "Sasha" during a big Macy's sale. I have been looking for a warm brown larger crossbody for the Fall season for a long time and this one actually matched to what I've been looking for! I've been trying to find one similar via Coach, but Fossil fit my needs better. I do like the Kate Spade Cobble Hill Curtis and had that come in a warmer brown, I may have gone that route, but I'm happy with this bag. I think it will be a good August-November bag. The Kate Spade Cobble Hill Curtis bag in black may go on my Christmas wish list if it is still available ;)

The Fossil Sasha bag

Happy running everyone!



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  1. Nice purse! I like sales on Fossil at Macy's, too. On cleaning house... I'm enjoying my recently organized closets. Glad to hear you're enjoying running again and that you found a way to make it fit in your schedule better.

    1. Organized closets are so ... soothing ;) I'm looking forward to getting started on our closet!

  2. Love that bag! And there is nothing better than an organized closet--sadly, Mr. Zippy is less than organized and his side of the closet is frightening!

    Glad you've found a way to train that is working for you. We are all so individual and sometimes it takes some playing around to get it right.

    1. Ha ha ... I hear you! I have been needing Hubby here to work on his cluttered basement mess ... at least I don't have to look at it often ;)