Running race hats, new makeup, detoxing after the holiday

Hello! I'm wrapping up my week with a quiet Sunday morning, a cup of coffee, and a nice rest day. I ran all of my planned miles for the week, had a sports chiro and massage therapy appointment, and did a little shopping, Our daughter is back from Grandma's and we've since had a few swimming pool days as well. All in all, a nice summer time week! We have two trips coming up in a couple weeks so things will get busy soon. I'm trying not to look too far ahead on my running training plan (that usually freaks me out), but I do know I'll have to juggle a few runs when we go on our trips. I'll cross that path as it arrives :)

Running race hats

I've been wearing my running race hats lately during this summer. Since I've let my hair grow longer, it ponytails nicely and the hats have been useful in keeping the sun off of my face a bit. I used to never wear hats much because I always felt they overheated my head, but I seem ok with them now. I have so many hats from goodie race bags! I chose my Air Force Marathon series hat this weekend for inspiration. Plus, that half marathon is my next planned race. I also ordered a new pair of Saucony Cortana 3s and they arrived. I like all 3 colors they made for this model! (white, blue, and bright orange)

Wearing my race hats for inspiration

New makeup

One of my upcoming trips is an important family wedding out in Washington DC. Since I'm part of the immediate family and will be in professional photos, I realized I needed to get some new makeup in order. I usually don't wear too much makeup on a day-to-day basis, but lately I've been experimenting more with new-to-me products. You know how you get in a makeup rut and wear the same thing for years? Then all of a sudden you realize you got older and your skin changes and you need different things? One new item I picked up this weekend, with the help of the makeup ladies in Macy's, is the Urban Decay Flushed Bronzer and Blush. I had originally gone in with the notion of a different product based on my online research, but this one was clearly the better choice for me. With my coloring and summer skin, it really set well on my face and I liked that you actually get two products in one (nicer for the pocketbook). The company is cruelty-free as well so that made me happy. I wish Clinique would get there ...

Detoxing after the Fourth holiday

We've also been detoxing from last weekend's holiday eating! My goal this week was to make sure we all had plenty of healthy greens :)

Detoxing after the holiday

Happy running everyone!



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  1. I never wear hats - with short hair I look like a little boy!!!
    I rarely wear much make-up especially in the summer -- far too lazy!!

    1. I can understand that ... if I had short hair, I probably wouldn't either ;)

  2. I never wear hats much either.. I always feel like it makes my head too hot. I have thought about maybe getting a visor