Fourth of July, great runs, jewelry box, nail polish

Hello readers! I'm waking up to the wonderful sun and chirping birds this morning on this Fourth of July. Our baby girl is spending a couple days with out-of-town Grandma (this is something new we are doing now that she is older) and I have a quiet house. Hubby is still asleep as I write this post :)  Since our daughter is gone for a couple days, we're having a "staycation" and trying to tackle a lot of things we don't get to easily do when she's here. Lots of errand running for home projects, a good meal at our favorite Korean restaurant, and a lot of sleeping in and relaxing! Of course, we're both getting some great runs in too!

Great runs

Yesterday was perfect runner's weather and I was able to get 5 gorgeous miles in. I was feeling so good, I thought about going longer, but remembered ... I am on a marathon training plan and need to stick to it. No need to go off course and trigger an injury.

Glorious 5 mile run I rain and cooler temps

I'm making sure to always do my yoga stretching after every run. I often add my planks and bridges in during this time now as well.

Yoga stretching time after my run

Jewelry Box

I have a stash of birthday money and I've been taking my time trying to decide how to spend it. I did a Container Store (my new favorite store!) shopping trip yesterday and finally found the most perfect jewelry box system! I've been wanting a new jewelry box for years now and can never find what I like. They had it ... and they have a sale currently for 20% off as well. I bought two pieces in the larger size in the "mink" color. I'm thinking I may go get a third piece before the sale is over.

Nail polish

I also ordered myself a Zoya nail polish color to try. I had never tried this brand before, but it is one of the brands with even less of the harmful chemicals. It is "5 free" of harmful chemicals rather than "3 free" like other brands. This is very appealing to me! I am in love!!! It glides on so smoothly and I only needed one coat on my toes, although I usually do two coats regardless. I'm pretty sure I'm a Zoya convert now :)

My new favorite nail polish brand

Fourth of July

Since it is Fourth of July, I'll have to pamper my Schnoodle a bit. She is so terrified of fireworks, poor dear.

Schnoodle in her favorite spot

Kitty doesn't seem too phased by the fireworks, but he'll be kept inside just to be sure he is ok.

Kitty in his favorite spot

Happy Fourth of July to all of my readers! And for those in other countries, enjoy your weekend! 



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  1. Happy 4th of July!!
    Enjoy your stay-cation!!!!