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Hello! The holiday is over and we're back to a regular week with rainy and humid weather. I'm actually a little glad to be back into somewhat of a routine. Well, with school not in session, routine isn't what we technically have, but we have a quiet week with some of our regular activities - running (in between rains), tennis, and Taekwondo. I finished up week 2 of this marathon training plan and am feeling good. Of course, it's just the beginning ;)

Running without obsessing

One thing I'm really noticing is a major mental shift for me as a runner. I had another "Runnerversary" on July 1st, and I was kind of ambivalent to it. A year or two ago, it was a milestone! Now, running is so much a part of my regular life that it isn't as earth-shattering. Does that make sense? And I like that it is part of my regular life. It's just something I need to do, like brush my teeth, cook dinner, run 8 or so miles, just a part of my normal now. In fact, I don't even frantically log all my mileage now right away. I just look at my plan, run what needs to be run, and then maybe once a week update my logs. If something starts hurting, I stop running for a while. I rest more between runs, yet seem to make my weekly mileage goals without a problem. Running has just become simple for me now and I don't feel the need to obsess. That's a good thing :)

Wearing my race series inspiration hat during the Full Marathon training!

Wearing my inspiration race series hat during full marathon training

Purposeful blog posts

I've been only posting on here twice a week lately, but that is mostly because I do have a kiddo out of school, we have warm weather, and we are just busy. I've also been tackling so many home projects while the weather works in my favor. I know the Google traffic SEO experts would frown, but honestly, daily or every other day blogging becomes kind of repetitive. I feel that I rather wait until I have something more interesting to post about than to continuously post the same thing over and over like "I ran, then I ran again, then I ate oatmeal, then I ran". I'm feeling the need to post less frequently during the week, but to post more purposeful posts when I do post.

Date time with hubby at our favorite Korean restaurant after our long run day on Saturday!

Lunch date at our favorite Korean restaurant

Home projects

Since I finished up an old furniture repurpose paint job last month, I've got a new BIG project going on. We're going to build our own kitchen island! Our kitchen is fairly large if we get rid of the dining table we have stuffed in it and actually use the dining room in our house for dining. We need more workspace in the kitchen! Oh my ... it is exciting yet overwhelming, but I know we can tackle it. We're going to build the base ourselves (since I'm a 'self-made painting expert by now' and hubby is a 'crafty fellow when he wants to be'); however, we'll have the countertop professionally done. We're going to put in a kitchen-grade wood counter for the island and we're using stock cabinets from Home Depot for the base because quite frankly, I've done a full professional kitchen remodel before in a previous house and I have no intention to ever spend that ridiculous amount of money again. The plan is for the island to look something like this in a similar size, but in a creamy off-white and without the legs:

 Free standing kitchen island

Happy running everyone! 



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  1. Wow - I hope you show pictures of your kitchen island when it's done!!!
    I'm like you - I've never really made a big deal out of my running b-days. But i do have a pretty big one coming up (30 years - that might get a little mention!!!).

    1. 30 years of running is definitely something to talk about ... that deserves a mention! ;) I'll show the finished pics when it's complete. I'm hoping it won't take too long!

  2. The longer I run (16-17 years now?!) the more relaxed I become with it. You just learn what is crucial or not crucial with it, you know? It's a good place to be.

    I'm with you on blogging--summer is definitely where I step back.

    Love that you are taking on an island! Be sure to share the finished product!

    1. That is so true, you learn what is crucial and what isn't. I also find I don't need to purchase much new gear anymore, so I'm spending less money, also a good thing ;) Will post the pics when it is done!

  3. Your island is going to look great! Looking forward to the photos!

    1. Thanks! I've got one cabinet done, one more to go, before we order the countertop. Getting excited :)

  4. I hear ya. I've been having a hard time keeping up. And you are doing better than me to post a couple of times a week.

    1. It requires some dedicated time, that is for sure ;)