Summer running, furniture painting, new candle scent

June has become a very busy month, but I am not complaining. Sometimes it is good to be busy. I feel the need to tackle so many house projects, to-do list items, and other tasks during these warm months. When the weather cools and winter sets in, I find it is much harder to do any of those things and instead better to bundle up and stay warm. Since it is warm, I'm determined to get things DONE. Sandwiched in is my marathon training and I completed my first week as planned with no problems. Yay! I'm really loving the Saucony Cortana 3 shoes and have gone over the 100 mile mark by now. I'll probably pick up a new pair soon to add into my rotation. All of my runs have been in pretty high heat and humidity lately, yet finally not too hard. Heat acclimation accomplished! This is the first year I've not complained about the heat and summer running.

Long runs during the summer

I'm still sticking to my change in running strategy for now, but I do know I'll be adding another run day sooner or later into my schedule, which is fine. I am just honestly thrilled and amazed at how well my runs are right now. What I'm seeing is that my body does need more time in between runs to rebuild and grow. I'm sure it is partially due to getting older, but also just my own body's physiology. Running is such a rewarding sport, yet also a bit of a "science experiment".

Furniture painting

On my to-do list this month was to re-finish and paint an old and dingy piece of furniture we had sitting in our basement collecting cobwebs. You know how you inherit or acquire old furniture and don't know what to do with it to incorporate it into your house (or if you even want to keep it?). I needed some extra storage, but didn't want to spend any money on furniture. Well ... I remembered we had this old thing in our basement! It took me 3 weeks and the finished piece came out quite well. I've painted and refinished furniture before so by now, I kind of have my tips and methods down. I'm using it to store dining serving pieces, freeing up some much needed space in my kitchen cabinets!

Finished painting this old piece of furniture

The paint used in this piece is specifically for furniture painting and by Rust-oleum - the American Accents line. I stripped and stained the wood areas that were still in good shape using an antique walnut stain.

New candle scent

Since I'm on the topic of home-based things ... I've been enjoying the Bath and Body Works Watermelon Lemonade candle. It's a perfect summer time scent! Candles make me nervous since we have a kitty, but I have one spot that is safe and in an area he doesn't get into.

Do you have any huge house projects this summer? Do you have a cat and use candles?



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  1. Your project cabinet came out awesome!!!
    My son and I had to run to the mall today - we almost went in Bath & Body but I didn't want to push my limits (he's 13!!!) - that candle does sound like summer.