Fall Marathon training begins, hair highlights, Vera Bradley clutches

This week I'm kicking off ... officially kicking off ... my Fall marathon training season. It sort of feels a little odd right now to be in a training season since it's been in the 90 degree temperatures, but I am at the 4 month mark to start off the marathon training. I've been looking back at the last month of running when I began changing how I run. I've been having straight out awesome runs! I'm really hoping to continue this method during this training cycle so we will see how I continue, but right now, I'm just thrilled with how the changes I've been making have been working so well.

Kicking off another marathon training season

Hair highlights

Something else I've changed up recently is my hair. I quit doing all-over box hair color! I'm not all that gray, I just have sprinkled grays here and there, so there was no reason I needed to be doing a full color. I was just doing box colors because it was quick and easy, but I want to let my hair get more to its natural state. I've been going in to my hairdresser now to get highlights just to blend the straggler grays and not subject myself to full color. I LOVE IT! It does cost more, but I get 10 weeks out of it before I feel I need a touch-up, compared to the 6-8 weeks I got out of box color. Plus, EWG suggests avoiding dark hair colors if possible.

Fresh highlights

Vera Bradley clutches

Speaking of style, I've been updating my purse collection and needs this year. I tend to be a "bulk shopper" and when I need new things, like purses, I spend several months acquiring a new collection, and then I don't purchase those type of items for several years. I've picked up a few new Coach bags and have also been adding some Vera Bradley clutches to my collection. I don't use clutches too often and the Vera Bradley ones are just perfect and at a great price point. I also ordered the TSA friendly 3-1-1 bag shown below. I have been needing a TSA ready bag like this for a while now. (Patterns shown are the black microfiber, Tutti Frutti, and Olivia Pink.)

A Vera Bradley haul

I just used the black microfiber Vera Bradley clutch to go see Book of Mormon with hubby last Friday :)

Book of Mormon

Have you started off a Fall marathon training cycle yet? What new "style" purchases have you done lately?



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  1. Glad the running is going so well!!
    I have lots of friends who love Vera Bradley - that is one style I've never really gotten into- Coach, on the other hand I love!!!

    1. I tend to prefer Vera for accessories and more sturdy bags for purses ... usually ;)

  2. Your hair looks great! I too do highlights and go about 12 weeks between touch ups. And cute purses--I need a new one (or two).

    No marathon training for me this fall and I have to say, that's just fine. I really needed a mental break from the distance!

    1. I can understand that ... after my Spring 2013 marathon, the mental part drained me and I haven't run that distance since!