Running outside when it is bitter cold

Most of us who live in climates that experience all 4 seasons entirely know that there is "cold" and then there is "bitter cold". When it's in the 30s or so, we're all cold. When it dips near 0 degrees or under, it is so cold the only way to describe it is bitter. It is highly advised to stay indoors as much as possible when the temperature is feeling this bitter cold. I don't know the exact temp, but I think it would be something like 5 degrees and below. Definitely 0 and below!

Well, yesterday the morning temperature said 7 degrees and I was looking at a treadmill run to fill my scheduled miles. I had already done 2 treadmill runs for the week, both speed oriented, but I just did not want to be on the treadmill again. The sun was actually shining and there was no strong wind, only the hideous 7 degrees. I decided I was going to give it a try. The roads were plowed and the snow and ice seemed packed down enough so I had some hope. I didn't know how it would go, but decided to just give it a try. After all, I could always turn around and go back if it felt like a bad idea.

I was able to get 6 miles in near my long run pace! I was surprised at how well it went. I usually don't go outdoors once the temperature is in this range, but this ended up ok. The only problem I had on this run was that my sweat froze up in areas on my face. Other than that, I was fine! The temperature went up a little while I was running so I think it averaged around 10-12 degrees overall.

6 mile run outdoors in 10 degrees
6 mile run and bitter cold!

I wore my usual bitter cold running gear, but this time I swapped out my Thorlo socks for Smartwool running socks. I also wore my Yaktrax and definitely needed them.

Yaktrax and Altras
Altra Torins and Yaktrax

My daughter and our dog Agnes went outside to play in all the snow we received this week. Kitty Johnny felt a little left behind, poor dear.

Left behind

It's best if kitties stay inside where it is warm :)

Sleepy kitty



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  1. First, it's good to see you again!!!
    You are hard core with that outdoor run - I'm super impressed!!!

  2. Good to hear that it's possible to get out there even in those conditions! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Tina! Making the most of it ;)