Pushing myself further with strong runs

It's mid-week Wednesday and usually by now I'm trying to wrap up a 3-day run streak before a Thursday rest day. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans and today ended up as a snow day from school so we have more snow and less Mommy time. I decided to make the most of it and relax and snuggle with my daughter ... if I can pull her free from Minecraft ... seemingly every child's current fixation. We're long past Rainbow Looming! We'll hopefully get out later to Trader Joe's to stock up on some of our favorites. I love Trader Joe's oatmeal right now, it's my current favorite pre-run fuel. The texture is smooth and creamy and settles well for me so I stock up on these boxes when I go in. My daughter loves this oatmeal too, a win-win in my household right now.

My current favorite pre run fuel

Based on the weather, I'm still not sure how the rest of the week will play out. I need to get a long run in on Friday or Saturday and am hoping by the weekend one of our local trails will be cleared a bit for the long run. We'll see ...

It's hard to stay motivated during this type of weather, but I do have to say, despite my complaints, I'm in a fairly upbeat mood. I've been pushing myself a bit further on pace strategies and strength training and can honestly say that I feel I'm slowly inching toward my personal *next level* of running. I'm also making some solid mental strength improvements too, learning to believe in myself more. I love Julia Child's quote about passions:

I'm just committed to being a runner well into my old-age years and want to make sure I don't snuff out my candle too quickly, if that makes sense. I do my best to listen to my body, knowing when to push forward and when to scale back a little better now. All in good time, right? I'd like to post more of my weekly training recaps with mileage details, strength training details, but I feel a little all-over-the-place right now since this winter weather keeps making me change up how things go. Hopefully I'll get more routine soon!

I added my "Current Race Schedule" over to the sidebar. I hadn't had it up in a long time since I had taken some blog down-time last year. I've got a few more races to add so the list will grow :)  Those are my confirmed paid-for races at the moment and I'm super-excited for the Air Force Half again. I've run it before, but this time it will be a girlfriends retreat weekend and we're aiming to have fun!



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  1. Part of marathon training is learning to be flexible because of the weather. I've done the same thing lately. Having a list of upcoming races in the side bar is great! It's hard to keep everyone's races straight.

    1. I saw you have a Trail Race in your list ... I am interested in trying one myself!

  2. The weather is really messing up my running, too! Mon and Wed are running days and we got dumped on with snow and ice both times, even the gym was closed so I really had no options. I'm going to try to squeeze in a visit to the gym treadmill today!

    1. Hopefully we'll get over the worst, but I know March can bring some irritable snow blizzards here in Indiana grrr! Enjoy your run today! :)