Breaking in a new pair of Altras with some intervals

It's a cold Monday, post Superbowl excitement, so let's start the week back up on the treadmill. Darn it. Many of us are expected to be receiving more snow and ice this week so at least I know I'm not alone in my misery with it. I started off this week with an interval run on the treadmill to break in a new pair of Altras and also work off "too many beans" from Superbowl Sunday eating. Burp ... I've been reminded that I don't do well with beans.

Breaking in another pair of Altras

Afterward, I had my current favorite recovery drink, Swanson's grass-fed r-BGH free protein powder and almond milk.

My current favorite post run recovery

I still haven't made up my mind yet about the Illinois Marathon. I'm really hoping this weather tones down soon and we can get outside more. I checked the Illinois Marathon website and it appears I have until April 1 to make a decision whether to run it as a Full or scale back to the Half.

Right now, my gut is telling me to scale back. Besides the weather being worse than usual this winter, I've actually been running very strong lately for solid Half Marathon training. I want a PR at a Full marathon, but still have another goal of a sub-2 hr Half Marathon. I'm very close, my current PR is 2:06 so we'll see. I'm not sure if I'm ready to make any decisions just yet :)

All in all, I'm feeling strong and running well. I just need this weather to clear up!



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  1. It has been a ridiculous winter, hasn't it? Not exactly run friendly. I think you should go for that half PR if you are feeling energized for it and waffling on the full. It could be a great launching point for a full later on this year.

    I love Altras--I have two pairs and am starting to gravitate toward the trail shoe, too.

    1. Thanks for the feedback ... I'm glad to read your response! It's the same thought I'm having too, that it would also build a better Full attempt for the Fall if I scale back. This winter has been worse than usual :/

  2. Even texas weather has made me scale back too! I'm taking it as a sign. Ya know?